Tips for Hiring a Great Bouncy Castle

Renting a bouncy castle is gaining more popularity nowadays because of many reasons. These reasons include the fun and nostalgia provided by them. However, renting a perfect one can be tricky for beginners.

From the colors, design and sizes to the time, venue and theme of the party, there is a lot to consider before renting an awesome bouncy castle.

Here are a few tips you should know in order to book yourself the most amazing bouncy castle ever!

Time: An amazing bouncy castle experience requires the time to be known to the company beforehand. If this isn’t done, you could end up with a hindered party or an event. You should definitely mention the event timings a few hours before the celebration so you have enough time for the bouncy castle to get arranged and inflated.

Size: Renting a wrong-sized bouncy castle is more common than you think and it’s usually not fun. Overcrowding a small place with a huge inflatable castle can lead to unpleasant experiences. Similarly, a small bouncy castle in a big gathering would create hassles. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to let the company know about the size you want for your party prior to ordering.

Party: Every party is different and requires a unique bouncy castle. For instance, you wouldn’t enjoy a kid’s party-themed bouncy house at a gym’s opening party or a big adult bouncy house at a princess-themed birthday. You need to be clear about the theme of your party first and then clarify the company as well about your requirements so that no problems occur later.

Venue: The type of venue your party is taking place at is very important. This is because of the sizing of the bouncy castle. Your venue could be a lawn or even a hall, but the measurements need to be clarified first so the castle isn’t too small or too big. The dimensions of a particular area can affect how the bouncy castle is placed so ask about that for sure.

Guests: A bouncy castle comes in different sizes and shapes which are meant to entertain a specific number of people at a time. If you’re hosting a huge gathering with lots of people, then renting a big inflatable castle should be the obvious choice. However, if it is just a small number of close friends, then you’re better off with a small or a medium bouncy castle.

Color and Design Preference: A bouncy castle comes in a plethora of fun designs and vibrant colors. You should have the clarity of your preference prior to booking so you’re not disappointed. For a kid’s birthday party, bright colors like pink, red and blue are considered the safest bet. However, for a more mature gathering, it’s better to choose bigger bouncy castles with colors like black, green or even yellow which fits the theme most of the time.

In order to have the most fun party with the perfect bouncy castle, try to follow these tips above and there won’t be even a single regret! For finding colorful bouncy castles, refer to Jim’s Bouncy Castles. They have an eye-catching range of inflatable castles that will be the best part of the entire event!

Is Bouncy Castle Rental an Easy & Simple Process?

Some things are timeless and so awesome that they can add life to a party no matter how many times you’ve seen them before. A bouncy castle is one of those things! This inflatable room of fun is enjoyed by every age group, especially at parties.

Most people enjoy these nostalgic castles because of countless reasons. It reminds them of their childhood and for children, it helps them create new memories that last forever!

However, the rental process is considered to be complicated but it’s definitely not! Here are a few things you should remember while renting yours!

Venue: The kind of venue you’re hosting your party depends a lot on the type of bouncy castle that’ll be required. For instance, the inflatable castle for a kid’s birthday party and a celebration at a clubhouse would be totally different from each other. While renting one, make sure to add this detail for the best possible bouncy castle.

Preference: This is a must because you wouldn’t want a random bouncy castle to arrive at your party that you’re completely unprepared for. Mention the necessary details and your preferences about the inflatable castle so the company can get a better idea of what to provide you. In addition, don’t forget to add the preferred color and design of the castle to ensure you get the one that goes with your event.
Guests: The guest list needs to be prepared prior to book the bouncy castle because sizes can vary a lot. If you have a large group of people attending, going for a larger option would be the best. However, if a close-knit of friends is going to be there for a small gathering, then a small inflatable castle would suffice.

Size: The sizes need to be thought about not just on the basis of your guest list. You need to consider the space of the room or lawn as well. This is important so that you don’t end up overcrowding the place because nobody enjoys a congested party. Such a situation would lead to disappointment so always ensure to measure the space and rent the castle according to that.
Time: It is absolutely necessary to let the bouncy castle company know about the time of your event beforehand. This allows the professionals to inflate the castle at the right time. Any changes in the plans should be mentioned as soon as possible. If you don’t want a disrupted party, then this step is extremely important.

Type of Party: Mentioning the theme or type of party or event is crucial. This makes sure you get the perfect bouncy castle without it getting mixed up with a different style of an inflatable castle. For instance, imagine a gym event that has a princess-themed party bouncy castle. It just wouldn’t make sense to not include this important piece of information which can clear any misunderstandings or confusion.

A bouncy castle is a staple at any type of party because of the fun that comes with it. To conveniently rent one today, check out Jim’s Bouncy Castles. They provide a vibrant variety of inflatable castles perfect for any party or event!

Renting a Bouncy Castle: Relaxation & Fun

Figuring out a fun activity for your kid’s birthday can be tricky. However, a bouncy castle is the latest trending party starter that everyone is raging about. This castle of fun and happy memories will serve every purpose you’re looking for!

Here are some of the merits that you will get to experience if you rent a bouncy castle for your kid’s birthday parties:

Keeps Kids Busy: An inflatable castle is always a kids’ favorite when it comes to parties because it keeps them occupied for a long time. Everyone can have fun in a bouncy castle simultaneously which can create competition and bonding. Not only that, but such activities make kids active and are great for recreational purposes.

No Hassles for Parents: If parents accompany their children to a party, most of the time they’re handling the kids to make sure they’re safe. This can be a tiring activity pretty quickly. However, with a bouncy castle, you don’t have to worry about any sharp objects, falling or any kind of damage. While the kids can have fun bouncing in the castle, parents can relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Set Up In No Time: This inflatable castle doesn’t take a lot of time to get set up so you can get this done just a few hours in advance of the party. A professional team can help you with the entire process that’ll be done faster than you think. If the bouncy castle is big, then there’s no problem but a few hours are recommended to be spared prior to the party for it to get inflated perfectly.

Sizes and Designs: There are a plethora of designs and sizes when it comes to a bouncy castle. You can surely find the one that fits your needs and goals. If you have a big lawn, then a large bouncy castle with vibrant colors is going to look extremely flattering for the party. On the other hand, if it’s a close-knit of people with lesser guests involved, a small to medium bouncy castle would suffice without any issues.

Fun Colors: Vibrancy is one criterion where a bouncy castle never fails. From primary colors to other attractive colors like pink, purple and green, there is a bouncy castle for every kind of party. If your kid wants a princess or robot-themed party, then inflatable castles with bright hues would be perfect for a memorable experience.

Anywhere, Anytime: The Versatility of a bouncy castle regarding the time and place is limitless. Its variety in sizes makes it easier to fit in any type of open space whether it’s a lawn, room, garage front or even a park. Furthermore, the time it takes to fill one bouncy castle up isn’t that much so it can be done a few hours away from a fun party!

You deserve to host the most fun parties that incorporate a bouncy castle with professional help. For the most magnificent bouncy castles and inflating services, check out Jim’s Bouncy Castles. They have an amazing collection of inflatable castles that will add charm to your parties!